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Better hiring, superior results
& radically affordable pricing.

Finally - rates based on services, not salary.
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Proven methodology,
repeatable process.

Talent solutions with your long-term success in mind.
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It takes talent…
and a track record of success.

When it comes to innovation, Nanci Porter is an industry expert.

We take commission out of the equation.

TalentPort offers a completely new alternative to stale staffing models. We deliver exceptional outcomes with a refreshing approach to pricing.

Quick Start

If you need to make a quick hire, infrequent hire or just want to give TalentPort a try, the hourly Quick Start will fit your needs.

On Call

If you hire up to 2 people monthly, TalentPort’s on-demand subscription model delivers results that save you time and money.


If you’re in rapid growth mode and need to hire 3+ people monthly without compromising quality, this RPO model is the best value.


We’ll partner with you to design a customized, cost-effective offering that targets immediate pain points for long-term results.

Scalable talent solutions at fixed prices.

Pay for exactly what you need when you need it – no more, no less.

When It Comes to Great Hires:

Heart Transcends Technology.

Heart Transcends Technology

Talent acquisition strategy is technology-led. TalentPort will help you counterbalance technology with personal touches that help your culture shine throughout your hiring process.

More About Our Services

Nanci Porter

Nanci Porter

For over 25 years founder Nanci Porter has partnered with nationally and internationally recognized companies to hire the best and the brightest talent...

More About Nanci



The Go-Giver by Bob Burg is a little story about a powerful business idea that has far-reaching implications in today’s business world.

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Our Process

Here’s how we close the gap between vision, values and talent:


A thoughtful evaluation of your vision, values and current climate.


Together we brainstorm challenges, solutions and next-step strategies.


Trial by fire - we refine and test breakthrough ideas for solvency.


We create actionable plans to implement measurable solutions.

Resources & Articles
Cultural Tipping Points



Cultural Tipping Points

by Nanci Porter in Culture Building

When companies are in start-up mode, headcount is small. Business is relational and CEOs typically engage at a more functional level. In this stage, communication is straightforward. Infusing personal values into your team is a natural outcome of your stage of growth.  There’s a shared sense of purpose that leaves less opportunity for confusion or interpretation. As your company expands, you’ll cross several thresholds of...

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Our Clients

We are privileged to partner with these industry leaders.

What Others are Saying

I highly recommend TalentPort to any executive who is ready to be challenged to think more deeply about the importance of human capital within their organization.

Brad Lupien - Co-Founder, Arc