Culture Building


Aug 2014

Cultural Tipping Points

When companies are in start-up mode, headcount is small. Business is relational and CEOs typically engage at a more functional level. In this stage, communication is straightforward. Infusing personal values into your team is a natural outcome of your stage of growth.  There’s a shared sense of purpose that leaves less opportunity for confusion or interpretation. As your company expands, you’ll cross several thresholds of...

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May 2014

The Culture Catch

Before you’re ready to talk about organizational culture, you must recognize what culture is not. Culture is more than a logo, mission statement or well-articulated values.  Culture is broader than your methodology of product development. Culture is more far-reaching than the strengths (and weaknesses) of your founder or even your unique value proposition. That’s not to say that all of these things cannot be influencers...

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