Hireology was founded on a simple, powerful concept: by analyzing the behaviors of top-performing employees, you can create a highly accurate system that identifies the best candidate for the job. – With 13 years in the making, Co-Founders Adam Robinson, Michael Krasman and Jeff Ellman have reinvented the hiring process, working to eliminate bad hires and start improving businesses with quality performers.


HR That Works was specifically designed to help companies with 15-500 employees grow their bottom line. We will help you to hire better, improve performance, reduce turnover, and train better than your competition. We will help guide you through the maze of complex legal requirements and we offer free “Hotline” support from top lawyers as part of the deal. With lots of hard work, this team has pulled together a nationwide network of experts focused on helping employers and employees alike take responsibility for building powerful and profitable workplace relations. Common sense, not taking sides, is the mentality that governs our strategic thinking, training and tools.


Raso Solutions is a recruitment outsourcing firm that can assist your company in finding high quality candidates for both internal and external positions. We are not a recruiting firm, but rather we provide staff to assist our clients with their recruiting efforts. Raso Solutions provides seasoned technical and professional recruiters to assist our clients with filling open jobs at a significant cost savings. We recruit, train and manage all of our staff, who then operate seamlessly on behalf of our clients.


When it comes to talent acquisition, TriStaff is the industry leader. Our clients and candidates are our priority, and we focus on their unique needs to ensure that the right job and career placement is made the first time, on time, every time. TriStaff Group was established in 1971 in San Diego, California. Co-owners and founders, Gary van Eik and Rich Papike, continue to lead the TriStaff team and utilize their combined 80 years of industry experience to ensure that TriStaff is more than just a staffing company.