“If you are looking to move your business forward and take the guess work out of how to attract and retain an “A” team, then I urge you to work with Nanci and her team at TalentPort. With their guidance your existing team, as well as any new hires will be more cohesive and productive in helping you advance your business and achieve your goals.”

Kathy Pennington
President & CEO, Radiant Technologies

Testimonial Kathy Pennington

“Simple words cannot express the value that TalentPort has added to our team. Nanci Porter has become an invaluable and irreplaceable resource; from her amazingly unique ability to understand our deep-seated culture to the natural intuition she possesses to see beyond the resumes – bringing to us top talent supported by compatible personalities. She “gets people” in a very deep sense and recognizes true skillsets while navigating through the endless waves of applicants – producing only the best possible candidates.

Working with Nanci and her TalentPort team has not only had a profound impact on our growth over the past year, but on our management team as a whole. Her graceful direction and investment in our management team has created a genuine trust and synchronicity through the hiring process.”

Monica Taylor
Director of Human Resources, ChiroTouch

Testimonial Monica Taylor

“I highly recommend TalentPort to any executive who is ready to be challenged to think more deeply about the importance of human capital within their organization.”

Brad Lupien
Co-founder, arc

Testimonial Brad Lupien

“TalentPort helped define and build a brilliant leadership team at FreedomVoice and made the process a great experience for everyone involved.”

Eric Thomas
Owner, FreedomVOICE Systems

Testimonial Eric Thomas

“TalentPort has directed the hiring of several top quality employees and managers at EasyTurf. Nanci is extremely well connected and very easy to work with. Our team at EasyTurf  enjoys working with TalentPort and are continually impressed by the quality of the candidates they present.”

David Hartman
President / CEO, EasyTurf, Inc.

Testimonial David Hartman

“I have worked with Nanci for almost a full year and can say without exception – that she is simply the Best Recruiter I have ever had the privilege of working with. She has been a tremendous contributor to the success of FreedomVoice Systems and I would recommend her without hesitation.”

Bob Harrison
Vice President of Sales, FreedomVOICE Systems

Testimonial Bob Harrison

“There is no one better to find talent than the talented. No one more so than Nanci, and her team at TalentPort.”

Robert Moberg
President, ChiroTouch

Testimonial Robert Moberg