Better Hiring


Jul 2014

Topgrading for Better Hiring

Savvy leaders recognize the cost of a bad hire. For small to mid-sized companies especially, one bad hire in a key position can have far-reaching, even catastrophic results. One of the most effective ways to safeguard your leadership team from a poor hire is to improve your hiring practices. Topgrading is a powerful, effective tool that companies of all sizes can benefit from. Common Sense...

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Jun 2014

A Balanced HR Scorecard

CEOs often have a single-minded focus on the bottom line. They assess financial performance, and tie outcomes to market trends. Many overlook (or avoid) recognizing that a leading indicator of financial results is a successful workforce. The truth is, competitive advantage begins with your human capital. Measurement systems – whether for your company as a whole or the HR function – create value only when...

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