The Go-Giver by Bob Burg

The Go-Giver by Bob Burg

One of my clients shared this book with me a few years ago, and it immediately became a go-to resource that I regularly recommend to executives. It inspired leaders and challenged teams to reimagine outcomes by rethinking their business theology. The true value of The Go-Giver requires a shift in thinking which transforms the mindset of a ‘go getter’ into an entirely different paradigm of becoming a ‘go-giver.’

You see? You can’t go in two directions at once. Trying to be successful with making money as your goal is like trying to travel a superhighway at seventy miles and hour with your eyes glued to the rearview mirror.”
-The Go-Giver

The Big Idea
The mission of The Go-Giver is to bring new relevance to the old proverb ‘ Give and you shall receive.’ Author Bob Burg draws you in through simple, compelling story … one that most professionals will relate to. Through plot twists and turns, he reveals defining characteristics of leaders that are wildly successful… and they didn’t get there in the ways you might imagine.

The Five Laws
We learn that the secret of becoming a Go-Giver lies in the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success:

  • The Law of Value
  • The Law of Compensation
  • The Law of Influence
  • The Law of Authenticity
  • The Law of Receptivity

Here’s the thing: these laws aren’t exclusive to business – you’ll quickly realize their potential to impact organizations and relationships, both business and personal, for the greater good.


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